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Mario Dare

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SPRITE HATERS: Please rate considering the effort I put into this, not the fact that it uses sprites. IE: Don't rate zero just because it uses sprites.

Please review. I reply to any of them I can comment on.

This is actually a few months old. However, it took me a while to fix a glitch with the replay button that kept the music on.

I made this to test how it looks with the unequally scrolling backgrounds, and to entertain myself.


Anyway, all of the "joke" comes from the fact that Ganon looks like a pig. I personally think it's a bad joke, but it's done so I can't do anything about it now.

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Sorry, but I didn't find it that funny, and it didn't make me laugh.
I mean, you've got it on graphics and sounds, but the humor wasn't that good. The punchline was executed poorly and was pretty much overused.
The art skill is ok, but work on your jokes and humor next time.

Bomber109 responds:

I agree. This is old, anyway, and I was just getting back into using flash after a long period of nothingness.

A good start

Honestly i didn't find it that funny but it still looked really good and had a funny concept to it though it wasn't that long it's still a good solid Mario spoof.

not bad

i give it a 7 because it was quite short, it would've been cool to have more than one joke in the flash as well.

But as for the sprites it was very good.


Bomber109 responds:

I agree. Watch some of my others movies for a better/longer storyline.

I'm sorry...

But, this is kinda lame... so, what you might be thinking is "how to improve my flash?" Make it longer, make a funnier story line, and use different sprites. Other than that... it's not very good, I'm sorry to say. But, it was worth a cheap laugh.

Bomber109 responds:

Different sprites?
Those are premium Mario sprites!

Anyway, if you want a longer/funnier storyline, watch some of my other movies.


wat were the pink pigs originally, i did notice ganondorf, but not the others

Bomber109 responds:

Both the pink pigs and Ganondorf were from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.