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Author Comments

Worked real hard this time, real hard.
This time I animated The opening theme of the first season of hidamari sketch (sunshine sketch) replacing the characters with people from metroid head quarters

Remember, Metroid head quarters is one of the largest metroid fan communities. No, you don't have to like anime to join.

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nice one.

I don't really like all this anime stuff, but the cartoon looked pretty good.
Thumbs up!

flyboy42 responds:

I Made them look like that to make it look like the original.

my review might be a bit biast

i dont realy like anime at all, its wierd n the characters think strangely.. plus the little japanesey song was realy annoying. but in terms of what youve done its okay.. and metroids a cool game .. so 7/10 3/5

flyboy42 responds:

The crazier the better!
And I love that song, shut up! It's lyrics don't make sense with the animation nor the rest of the song.

oh god no

it was like a Japanese nightmare from hell. I liked your artwork you sure captured the gayness potential metroid has. I'm not saying your art was bad but what you drew creeped me right the fuck out. Some weird gay stuff going on between the robots and then splashing water on a little girl? wtf! is there something you wanna tell us or is this flash your way of letting everyone know you like little girls? At any rate I give you an 8/10 for the hands clapping at the beginning. I don't know why that part is awesome to me, it just is.

flyboy42 responds:

No little girls were in this animation. nor were there robots.
I assume you mean the shape shifting fly_boy42 and wearig-a-powersuit strafehunter

And yeah, it's totally gay to watch an anime with cute girls in it, yeah, strait men never look at cute girls.

I'm not into little girls, I stated that when I said kodomo no jikan was terrible.

I give it a 10 for animation and style

I do not rate 10 because I liked it.

It fit the Japanese anime intro style very well, but towards the end it started to get alittle ridiculous. Such as way too many characters running together at once.

That and you should work on thier walking abit, mabe have them slowly moveing forward to look more like they are running. Then again that may not work with the style.

Well anyway, another thing its alittle to long to be an intro, cut it alittle lower.
It feals to long to be an intro, they run towards the end pretty long and each time it changes to a short clip of character spinning/possing it has to switch back to the running and show that character joining the group.

What turned me off is that you started adding other, unnecessary pokemon (cant stand pokemon) Then you had alittle robot thats legs hardly move scamper across with alittle man standing on it.

Your animation and style fitting is very good, but work on your walk cycles and planning.

flyboy42 responds:

It was service to the forum users, if I didn't do it, they would all complain, no offense guys.
It's only 30 seconds longer than the original OP
And those are the soviet pokemon, a strange group that started in MHQ, I don't think they all love pokemo


I enjoyed this oddly enough!

Credits & Info

4.01 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2008
2:40 AM EST
Music Video