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The Alabaster Colossus

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Originally planned as a Fraiser parody starring Motaro, Baiz got a little drunk while writing the script and gave me this to animate.
Enjoy and please leave a review!
Daily 5th Place, thanks guys!

Yes, we know that the story is hard to follow. But that's because there ISN'T a story. Don't try to find one- this is just the drunken ramblings of me and my friends put onto paper.

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Some PLease Help Him Hes Full Of Grenades

Good to see you're makin stuff

That was sweet, I love it when Sheeva or watever the fuck his name is explodes at the end. With random toons like this you're always gonna get a bunch of stupid reviews saying shit like "Where's the humor?" or "Ah I didnt get it!" But fuck 'em, cuz this is good, funny, nonsense. And i mean nonsense in the nicest of ways.

Fuck Yes.

Fuck yes. I understand this all to well. Great animation. Screw the continuity, that's obviously not the point.

Ignore geckofreak and Fonsassa

loved it!

i dont care what anybody said i thought it was funny as hell, oh and by the way, can somebody help me? im full of grenades.

not cool man


LifeInSucksville responds:

Aw, teach me how to be cool man! Please!