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Dont watch if you hate anime stylings.

A family attends a movie theatre and fate's gears begin to turn.

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Nice drawings and music but I had no idea what was happening. Was it just random violence?

Not bad

It was dark, the effects were cool and the music went along very well with it.

But the drawings and animations were not very good. Honestly if I could choose between a flash with many special effects versus one that has a bit more time spent in animating/good drawings I would go for the latter. I can not feel quite as emotionally effected by something as stunning as murder when the animation is too simplistic and the colors very bright.

Go for a darker color scheme next time you do a dark story, give me the mood lighting and scenery that will draw me in.

And I ahve nothing against anime style drawings but triangle heads are a bit much. x_x

SmellyCheeseMan responds:

Yeah I havent messed with much color stuff yet. The animation I found to be very difficult because frame by frame for full bodies is hard.

Thanks for the review!

pretty good

It was ok...I like how you made the faces triangle-shaped!


I liked the music it was creepy and the whole idea of this animation was awesome. The drawing was kind of lacking but who cares. I liked the whole flashing creepy shit like faces and body parts and stuff that was so cool and scary. The story makes perfect sense though, that guy shanked the parents because they were gay right? I mean both the parents look like dudes lol. I guess thats anime for ya. Anyhow good job.

SmellyCheeseMan responds:

Haha. The clue to the murder is in the quote at the end.


kinda creepy with a bit of intresting