Schneckland Fight

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The Fight has been a bit of a game for us over the past year. We used it as a development tool to improve our flash skills. Here's how it worked:
Each of us would alternate turns. On each turn we would play a game to determine if we got a hit or a miss. If a hit was achieved, the animator would create a successful attack. If the turn was deemed a miss, the animator would set up an attack but not show the reaction. The next player would animate the reaction and move on the the next attack. and so on and so on.
At first we set 1 week deadlines per turn but, as time went on the turns got longer and longer.

Anyways, We had a lot of fun putting this together and have started a new project(hopefully to be finished in less than a year).

Enjoy the fight and feel free to give us some feedback.



That was freaking great! The animation was top-notch and I laughed out loud at the Dig-Dug reference. I nearly pissed myself when you guys did the "fakey" Ghostbuster scene(s)...it was just like the old credits (minus the stupid gorilla). Super job!

(You do know, of course, what I'd like to see next....)

Really cool

Woah... how INTERESTING! This flash has a really unique feel to it. The character design is near professional quality, which I do not see on here often. Also remarkable is that you kept up the quality throughout the whole (long!) piece. I watched the movie before reading the authors notes, so I didn't know about how you took turns on it. But I definitely noticed how animations were rarely recycled, props were not recycled, and how the setting constantly changed (thus requiring loads more art!)

In the beginning, I felt it moved too slow and I was tempted to stop watching. However by the middle I sort of "got" what you were going for, and I was interested to see what the heck you would throw at us next. I wasn't disappointed, since you gave us cyborgs, zombies, and took us to outer space and back! The multiple natural ending points that DID NOT in fact end the flash were really amusing... I mean, the salt thing? THE ROBOT ARM GRABBING HIM? Going into a secret compartment after returning to real life, etc? Those parts were hilarious. I also liked the little digging underground scene. It added in some "parody" factor.

So overall very enjoyable; I am still impressed at the length and the dedication it took to keep going with it. In your next flash, I would suggest concentrating on making the action flow quicker and more smoothly, as another reviewer said. You could also play around with adding more in-betweens, although I know that was not the point of this particular movie. Good luck!

Okay, what the fuck

The animation was sow at times and not as fluid as other flashes
But, seriously, first they were fighting with nerf guns, then they were androids, then the moons cigarette, then salt in the face, the a giant skeleton elevator, then ghostbusters
Were you on magic mushrooms when making this?
I had to quit before the end because it was too boring and went on too long
Its definitely a pass but had a terrible, terrible storyline

Really Nice

I really like it good graphics it has a story and overall i love it..

I hope to see more from you in the future


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3.97 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2008
11:36 AM EST