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To those of you who keep track of me on my profile, this STILL isn't my mentioned flash project. This is another side loop with random stuff in it. Don't expect anything to make sense! I just wanted to get these side projects out of the way so that I could work full throttle on my upcoming Voyage Series. I hope you enjoy it!

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I feel like I'm being brainwashed

Don't stare directly into that thing for too long; you'll go blind.


Hey Joe,
This looked really good. I thought that the colors were really nice and good clean loop. But I really don't like loops and this one has very little meaning to it. Not that it is bad, but I feel like something is missing. Good luck in the future

Dude. That was artistic as hell. Love it!

That was very original submission. I can't really say why I liked it so much, but it is very good. A bit looks like psychedelic for me. It's great man, just great. Thanks for this flash, it's keep my mind in somethin' dark and deep. ^.~


Trippy...but original I guess.

SmilingJoe343 responds:


Interesting contrast?

Obviously, there wasn't much to it...However, I found it intriguing that it seemed to be showing some people (or maybe some "beings") partying inside a sort of box vehicle that was going through a very drab and forbidding landscape. The contrast was interesting. Hm.

SmilingJoe343 responds:

Sure, there isn't much to it, but there really doesn't need to be. Imagine you seeing something like that driving past you in real life!