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Mario Bros. X 5

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Mariomeister here....and oh so weary....
Because of the long time the last episode took, I stayed up night and day trying to finish this....
I'm not going to write much, but this one has a complete new interface! Don't forget to visit Mariomeister Studios!

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tsk tsk tsk...

from the beggining i could tell this was ANOTHER SMBZ inspired flash (wheres the creativity these days..)
you get these 5 stars cause i can tell you worked hard on the animation

Seriously, more SMBZ, you conformist

God forbid someone should use a similar forum to tell a completely different story with separate characters that dont act the same way. And such long combat scenes, my God, could you tone those down a bit? But seriously, good work, I liked the dialogue, and, even though I hadnt watched previous episodes, I was able to be somewhat caught up for this one. You did avoid the "I've watched the old ones so I already know this!" problem with the fast forward function, a great feature that I wish more flashes included. Good jub!

Mariomeister responds:

Thanks. I will be improving the series episode by episode, as you can see.

Not bad

First of all i am glad to see in the beginning Professor E.Gadd explains about the differences in the flash and how you can rewind and fast forward through chapters,as for the actual flash it showed a little bit of storyline but it was really short especially to be another chapter i would like if it was at least 10 minutes long for each chapter so it can reveal a bit more storyline along with some action too,still slowly but surely the story looks good and interesting,see you when chapter 6 comes out.

Mariomeister responds:

yay! thnks!


To be honest with you I thought this was going to be another flash riding on Alvinearthworm's coat tails. Im glad to be proven wrong. Keep up the good work.

Mariomeister responds:

what a great guy, thnks!


I've never watched any of the other marioX movies but this one had awesome music and a decent story (a tad bit short though) so i guess ill watch the first 4 movies.
P.S. Bowser peach sex... wtf!!!!

Mariomeister responds:

what? thnks neways

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4.44 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2008
11:56 PM EST