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Well i loved the song, and as i was listening to it, this sorta popped up into my head.

I thought it was pretty funny, although it was better in my mind than it is in the final product.

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lol, this is great


I just felt like reviewing this, good but short and kinda repetitive, btw i love the song

zedd56 responds:

HI MUNZ. :D <3

hahaha "kinda repetitive"

yeah i love this song too :)


you coulda made this so much better, I bet you still could, just like, add more scenes to it, it's really funny at the beginning :p

zedd56 responds:

thanks ^^
but yeah, 10 minutes is as long as my ADD will allow :P

Yooooo Zedd!

I don't know if you remember me, but yeah you helped me out on here with the whole pivot animator thing, and the .avi to .swf converter thing. I still haven't put anything up yet but I have like 30 something full flash videos. That's right your boy graduated. lol. But yeah dude, funny ass vid dude. I think i actually had a seizure but I'm not sure.lmao. Check out my page bro!

zedd56 responds:

thanks :D
i'll check it out :>

not great....

but not bad for ten minute's work lol.

"I guess all the guys who don't enjoy random bullshit didn't heed my warning D:"
-no. actually, all the guys who don't enjoy random bullshit voted 0. like me.

zedd56 responds:

At the end of the random idiocy disclaimer, i stated that if you do not enjoy random bullshit, you should go away, to save yourself some time and displeasure, and to save me my BA. So since they watched it, and voted 0, not only did they not heed my warning, my prediction came true.

But thanks lol