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The Random Ransom

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Author Comments

This is a quick fight scene. It is mainly to give you guys something to chew on while I decide whether I should redo the first Zik episode entirely, leave it and make a new episode or just leave it alone. It was also something to do while I am sick. Oh, and my grandpa died the other day. I got Sims 2 Double Deluxe the next day in the mail from some Canadian who I dont know, but it had my name on it so it was mine. I have been playing to take my mind off my Gramps and this terrible cough *cough*cough*gag-cough*ga g* I am gonna watch South Park while I wait for the results. I know I said I wasnt doing audio anymore but I am still doing sound FX. This was really just a partial test. Also, there is a button that shows up for like 5 seconds that says play again. DONT EXIT IT WONT TAKE YOU TO THE BEGINNING OF VIDEO. Infact it doesnt do anything but sit there until the rest comes. This took me about 2 hours. I am not sure when I am doing full body animation. Also, a Zik imposter makes an appearences in this for roughly 9.76 seconds!


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dont mind these assholes

seriously, most people don't understand how hard it is to manipulate flash ESPECIALLY when you're only an 11 year old. most people on newgrounds are retarded 15 year old's anyway who have a lack of a life. I am a retarded 17 year old though who also lacks said life but is generally kinder than most people on this site.

P.S. I'm pretty sure Milinko959 was being sarcastic and your response only made his troll attemp succesful

1-ceth responds:

Eh, what ever. I really dont care what they say. I like to piss people off sometimes, so the more they complai, the more I make.

A test?

A test for what? Crapiness? The graphics were shabby to say the least, the sounds were used only until about half way through, and the way you strung it all together was pretty sickening. Try harder next time.

1-ceth responds:

Quite honestly, considering your name, I doubt you could do better. I am an 11 year old. It was just something I did to waste time. Besides, your saying graphics, but there are no graphics in flash! In CGI, Movies, Game Maker and 3DS Max there is but not flash! And I did use sounds all the way! It was also my first time successfully using audio. And you say "The way I strung it all together was pretty sickening"...... THAT WOULD BE WHY IT IS CALLED "RANDOM" RANSOM! Seriously. Besides, 3 "mistakes" as you call them; are not worth giving a zero over.

The worst flash ever to pass judgement.

Please learn flash. Use frame by frame atleast.

1-ceth responds:

I do use frame by frame and do know how to use it! You just expect the best from an 11 year old who hasnt used more than 4 days!

(title in work)

Quite possibly the greatest epic of our time. The graphics weren't the best, but it honestly didn't matter. The keen sound effects and deep, consuming storyline of this movie make it all worth the while. I can't understand why this has such a low score. People must be confused about something here.

1-ceth responds:

Thanks. Youre right. Graphics DONT matter. Many people prefer X-Box and PS3 graphics instead of Nintendo's Revolutionized ways of play in the Wii. I am assuming that you are a Nintendo fan because of this.

I have no expiernce with your work

And yet this manages to disapoint me. My eyes nearly vomited.

1-ceth responds:

If you saw my first flash that I submitted (Zik Episode 1) you wouldnt be so dis-appointed. Plus, remember I am only 11.

Credits & Info

2.00 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2008
4:22 PM EST