An Odd Humpty Dumpty

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This is the first flash movie I ever created!!

I meant to sign up for a NEWGROUNDS account about a year ago when this was made and post it, but I'm just now getting around to it LOL!! Really, I would like to know what everyone thinks. I really wanted to do something with actual textures, because I hardly ever see that in flash. Hopefully you guys think it turned out ok. I did everything in about 2 weeks and really developed a love for flash. I hope to get some more stuff up soon!!! Thanks for watching, PLEASE review!!


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(title in work)

This was an interesting Flash. The artistic style was very strange and unique for this website. The storyline was pretty enjoyable. You took an old classic and modified it. I didn't like how long the thrice scene was playing, that was kind of annoying. Also, make the voices a bit louder next time. Hard to hear them.

Naytronic5000 responds:

I noticed some audio issues myself. With the song being long, I really wanted "Here on top of the world" to be said which at the end of the chorus. Anyway THANKS A MILLION!!!

Nice BG & Very odd but GOOD art style

To me its very artistic, especially the BG
Tho there's a problem wif the cloud on the BG...
Some scene it juz dissapear on his half way to the other side...

Goodluck in ur FLASH!

Naytronic5000 responds:

What, clouds don't do that in real life? LOL! Thanks man even after a year I seriously never noticed that! Thanks for pointing that out! WOW....

p.s. Does this sound sarcastic? I don't mean it to be. Sorry.


YES. THIS flash here is a PERFECT example of what flash movies we want here as your first ones, not stick men nor 4 frame loops without sound, nor HUGE flash movies with preloaders.

Excellent use of textures, next time, try using a faster frame per second rate, it'll make the animation go more fluid.

Naytronic5000 responds:

Never thought of using a faster frame rate. I was wondering if that would solve a couple issues. THANKS!!!


I found the Audio hard to follow/understand. In the end, it felt like a Thrice Advertisment.

Audio levels are partly to blame. The band was kinda loud, so the volume had to be turned down, then after he fell down, none of the audio was comprehensible.

It did have descent video style and art.

Naytronic5000 responds:

Thanks! I have been working on a lot of things with audio in flash, I find it kind of difficult. Thanks for actually reviewing!!!

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3.17 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2008
3:09 AM EST
Comedy - Parody