Super Mario Invaded pt.2

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In order to understand this movie you must watch the first one.

If your looking for a DBZ styled/"Super Mario Bros Z" type of fight scenes, then you will be dissapointed. Though there will be plenty of action, it will not be anything like those kinda flashes. I do enjoy those movies but i wanted to do something differant then the floods of sprite movies you see staring mario and sonic in the portal. So sit back and enjoy.

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Realy realy good!

this movie is good but...... please net time make it longer!

sleeeeep responds:

can do

Not Bad

The only reason I give it 8/10 is because you could have used a better choice of sprites but you made a good animation.Maybe you could make it longer aswell.

sleeeeep responds:

thanks, but i wanted the nes sprites not the SNES. more of a retro kinda feel

Again pretty good

After watching this I'm even more confused... but it's a good thing because now I have to watch future episodes as well. This confusion keeps me interested. ;)

I noticed that you now used arrows instead of dots to indicate which character is speaking. Now the speech bubbles LOOK like speech bubbles. Much less confusing than in the first episode where at first I thought the characters where just thinking.

But I noticed some annoying spelling errors like the infamous "there"/"they're" and "your"/"you're" errors. Those can be really easily avoided and will make the flash a lot better if they are avoided. ;)
So, every time you want to write "your" speak out lout the sentence with the words "you are". If it doesn't make sense, then "your" is right. Otherwise you want to type "you're". ;)

The action is again very nice in this flash. I hope you can keep this up.

{ Review Request Club }

sleeeeep responds:

haha i got alotta flak for my grammer in this movie. So in my 3rd movie i will be sure to catch all of that milarky. Thanks for the review.

Slightly better than the last...

Art/Animation: 6/10
As I said with the first one, it's just sprites, so I can't award major marks here. You used some nice parallax effects here, and nothing seemed too bad..

Plot/Concept: 7/10
Still nothing absolutely captivating, but I found the Megaman storyline quite interesting..

Audio/Music: 7/10
Still nothing wrong with the audio in terms of ambience and background, but it felt empty, and I really think it needs voice actors..I know froom experience that VAs are fairly easy to find, if you know where to look. If you need a hand getting VAs, PM me.

Overall: 6/10
Slightly better than the previous, but nothing that has grabbed my attention too much yet..

[Review Request Club]

sleeeeep responds:

the third's plot will be fuller then this so stay tuned... and thanks for taking the time to review

Finished it off well

I have to say that I liked this second half of your sprite movie more than I liked the first, it seems like you spent a lot more time on this half to develop the characters and make the storyline more interesting.

The audio was good, again it would have been nice if you had added some oice acting to give the characters some spoken dialogue, but other than that the sound affects were good and in very good quality.

Better job with this one man, 4/5 from me, good job! :)

.·´¯`·-> Review Request Club <-·´¯`·.

sleeeeep responds:

i dont think ill give voice acting to these characters simply because it doesnt seem like this movies kinda style. but who knows maybe ill try a few out in testing.
again thank you for reviewing

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4.40 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2008
6:52 PM EST