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Ok so enough about trying to be The Rock on my first animation back in almost a year, but let me just get down to the point of this movie.

1. Once I heard about MK vs DC coming out, I freaked out in a good way because I am a fan, a huge fan of both universes. So due to my excitement I decided to make an animation about it.

2. I focused most on the first four characters that were announced Sub Zero, Batman, Scorpion and Superman. I have the entire roster in their with their closely resembled looks to the game so I hope you guys like my sprite editting work on the sprites.

3. There will be no sequel to this movie as it was just fan based, basically based on a nerd for both worlds along with the lack of sprites I have on the DC side. So if I disappoint with that, sorry folks but that's that.

4. I really worked hard on it and you will notice a glimpse on where I am heading toward when it comes to the popular titles such as War of the Realms 2, Chameleon's Story ep II, Kombat Vixens and other miscellaneous projects.

5. I rushed through the end because I lacked the sprites and lacked the time for creativity and I have been dying to put something up like I have been absent from my passion in creating animations for quite a long time. Hope you guys really enjoy it, I sure did. A lot of time and effort was put into this so I hope it's enough to satisfy the lust for Red-Lantern style animations.

All I can say is enjoy the movie and I will see if I can find some time out of my busy schedule to feed you guys with my awesome War of the Realms II and Chameleon's Story II.

EDIT: I just watched it on the newgrounds server and it's being a bit delayed with the sound. When I see it on my cpu, it sounds more fluent, so please do forgive me if that annoys any of you.


This is very awesome. The actual game, however, is unfortunately far inferior to this. Still, kudos to you.

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was based on a video games crossovers

This is better than the actual game. Well done!

animations dont fit together but i like it

dude in all honest opinion this reminded me of when I first played MK vs DC and I played as scorpion and Sub-Zero alot against the whole DC and in DC i played as batman and the flash. LOVE THAT GAME SPECIALLY WITH THE JOKER!!! :D

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4.38 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2008
11:16 PM EST