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This Flash surprisingly took only a week to make! I'm sorry that it isn't very good. Not that it is crappily animated, it's just that the script is very random and nonsensical. I still took some time to try and improve this flash with an alternate ending, 2 easter eggs, and 3 "Did You Know?" hidden facts.
The reason the script is so random is because it was written a few years back, by me, when I was assigned to write a story where each word began with the last letter of the previous word. It is random, but I managed to actually make one that made some more sense compared to other people. Anyway, enjoy the video! I think I'm almost ready to make some Flashes that are actually worth watching! I just need a LITTLE more practice...

Don't forget, there is a Movie Controller hidden at the bottom of the animation, so you can pause, play, fast forward, and rewind at your own pace!

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(title in work)

I found this quite entertaining. It made no sense, and the words used were quite interesting, which I guess equals entertainment. So anyway, I thought you did a good job on this. As you said, animations and drawings weren't amazing, but you did a good enough job for me.

Aqlex responds:

Nice, I'm happy you were entertained! I promise to be making (and I have already made) more interesting animations with actual stories going on. Thanks for the review!

heh, heh, heh!

I like the coffee house, random prose on this one. Nice stuff. Keep it comin'.

Aqlex responds:

Haha, thanks. I'm glad you liked it.


I have to give you props. Some of it sounded quite poetic and the flash was a good attempt. I just thought there was room for improvement. Maybe spend some more time on drawing, put a little bit more time. I know some people think under time requirements things are okay, but you could take a little more just to fix it up a bit. Good flash, man. Couldn't have done much better, lol.

Aqlex responds:

I wrote that thing when I was like...11 or 12. So I'm surprised it held up as something poetic xD. But yeah, the flash wasn't anything amazing, it was really just something small to test my flash skills before I moved on to bigger and more exciting projects. Thanks for the review =)!