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Illegal Ferret Salesman

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Welcome to the new western adventure series, "The Illegal Ferret Salesman," in which one brave western outlaw must face down against the most powerful people in the country in order to provide a small boy with the outlawed pet he desires.

In this first episode, we meet for the first time young Teeny, Liar O'Gosh the friendly pet store owner, and Jigget McCard, the illegal ferret salesman.

Tune in next time for part two, when things really get exciting!

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First of all, ferrets are little bitty itty bitty fuzzy wuzzy MUSTELA PUTORIUS FURO that REALLY hate baths. And they do not eat chickins if you give them damn food and tickle their tummies and give them all the love and attention their little selves can handle. And they poop a lot. They are a very high maintenence pet, only to be handled by PROFESSIONALS, not little boys who may play too roughly with a little ferret. I know this because I HAVE A FERRET, and I am careful not to hurt it and treat my precious Daenerys with utmost love. No apocalypse could seperate my precious little fuzzy wuzzy mustela putorius furo from me. A little boy who put his fish in a tank and did nothing is NOT RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH FOR A FERRET. Ferrets are professional pets that are escape artists, poopers, naughty, smart little things that catch you with your guard down and cause trouble with you chasing them all over the place. This was a horribly animated movie with bad sound, repetition, a dragging plot, and it scorned fish (not that I care about the stupid fillet) and ferret alike. Shame on you and BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Ramdom

I watched the whole thing to see what was going to happen. and it was a cliff hanger

It was OK

Animation wasnt very good, and dragged out to long, but a good idea.

(title in work)

Ugh, had a hard time staying awake during this one. The repetitive animations and drawn out dialouge was really boring to me. You should have definitely got to the point of this whole movie quite a bit faster. Also work on animating a bit more than just tweening back and forth.


The voice acting really made this one. Aweome stuff and you definitely get a 5/5 from me.