Deadlight Redux

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I hope to have the game completed by the end of the year. So far, it's approximately 9-10 hours of gameplay for the average tester. I've put alot into it, and have been working on it since junior year in highschool.


Good job

Well, there were some parts in the animation that i didn't like, the voicacting was poor, but besides that, your animation skills are quite good, the music was great, and it seems that you put a lot of effort on this.
For the effort i give you a 10.

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pretty good

That's alot of blood! The idea is there and you have quite good animation skills.
The voiceacting was not great but good! Overall I give you an 8


I liked the art style. But gorn is complezif


wow this was pretty neat i liked the plot so far look forward to more... i did laugh at the part where his head was like a missle flyin across the world lol pry wasnt that funny but i got a kick out of it... his head was shaped perfectly lol
i like the voice work as well raspy nice


The concept itself wasn't bad but there was low quality voice-overs and slow (and at times very bland) animation, among some other problems here and there.

As for the good; it had an interesting story and good music...and with more improvement the animation did show some potential.

Not a terrible job overall.

Oh and by the way...you misspelled 'tomb', you wrote it "Tome" in the flash.

caliginous responds:

It's supposed to be tome, but thanks! Everyone's criticisms here have been very helpful! Thank you.

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3.53 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2008
5:02 AM EST