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Experience first-hand social human behavior.
A less gLitChy version of The Bright in the ScreenCHAOS, with easier levels and some changes here and there.

Also, for those folks that don't want to work it out themselves: walkthrough...
Check it here: http://happie.newgrounds.


This was... An Amazing game.

This game really stirred thoughts within my mind. In a way, It resembled me. Perhaps that was your intention.

But it really made me think about things. I was struck with a bit of sadness every time the screens would tell me I wasn't listening, or I did something wrong. Even if I did exactly what the previous one said.

But what really nearly broke me (literally, a tear almost fell) in the part where you take the image of a red freak. I guess it was the way I interpreted it... taking the image of someone else in hopes of 'fitting in' or simply not being bothered... but in doing so, you run from yourself, and lose track of who you really are, and can still end up being hurt. It's happened to me before.... several times.

Which also surprised me when I read the lines "Red Freaks ignore their past...and stick to it."

Maybe that's not the what you were trying to convey. But it's how I felt. I need to think about a lot of things now.

Thank you for making this. I'm sure it will end up helping me to find out just who I am.


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HapPie responds:

Well, I tried to write a response for this, but I ended up erasing it...

Anyway, the thing is that I made this game so people could realize something, I wanted them to stop for a minute and think that there is something odd in here, something that feels familiar; it is after all, a game about the condition of human social behavior, and you come to realize that people really behave this way. I'm glad that there is people that really gave it some thought and felt what I wanted them to feel.

Thanks for the review.

Still can't go through door at tutorial level >_>

ok, man...

I tried playing your Chaos version, only to get the obnoxious glitch when I go through the door when I fall down in pit at tutorial level.

And now I have to face the same thing again in this "Clean" version?

Is this a glitch or what? Not even your walkthrough gave me any clear solution to get past this ridiculously frustrating door at tutorial level.

I lost my interests in your game now...


HapPie responds:

Well, sorry to hear that...
Just click on the door, if that doesn't work, set the quality to high, apparently it gets more glitchy in low quality.

Anyhow, you shouldn't review something you didn't play...you could have just PM'ed me and asking me about it.

Now we're talking

When I played the previous version, I was totally frustrated - I couldn't have fun of it because of all the glitches. So I'm glad that you released corrected version. I had no problems this time and I could finally truly enjoy this game and it's original atmosphere.
Great work :)

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HapPie responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, but you should still try to beat the other one...getting totally frustrated and going mad is fun.


this game made me soooo mad, but its so weird and funny so I played it anyway :p

HapPie responds:

Being mad is fun.

really nice

Didn't understand the purpose of the ending level though, before the credits when it says goodbye. It took a long time.... :P

All the other levels were awesome though.

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4.37 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2008
4:38 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place November 15, 2008