Halloween night intro.

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Hey dudes.
am work on my seconde game called "halloween night"
you can check out the "intro trailer" of the game/

when i'll finish the game i'll update you all.

have fun,
tell me what you think

Play my first game- [The ghost train]
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/451275

Jamal masarwe [jim.mas]
http://www.jamalmasarwe.x m.com/design.html

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Great stuff

A lovely little trailer, although I do believe that it was a little large for the purposes of being a trailer for a game - the real thing is going to have to be massive to put this one to bed adequately.

An awesome drawing style, with some great suspenseful music and an unusual style of adding the writing to the whole thing, but it is quite effective.

I might have moved the whole images to put the writing on , with maybe one or two of the images opening mouths, as it just doesn't seem right doing it for everything.

I look forward to the finished product.

[Review Request Club]

Good intro

This is a great intro. The graphical style is pretty amazing and I like the overall atmosphere of this.
The music fits perfectly and the Halloween theme from the mnovies at the end of the intro was a nice bonus.

The only problem here is that this flash is 7 MB big and it's just the intro! There isn't that much space left for the actual game if the intro alone takes up 7 MB. And I really don't know where all those MB may come from, the flash wasn't that long and it wasn't that graphic intense either...

{ Review Request Club }

Nice man.

Comments before actual review - Ha, I was just sitting here relaxing and I clicked some links open from the RRC. I didn't read the flashes names and I just opened up this one first. I was like, "Damnnn this introduction is good, I hope the flash is good too!" And then it repeated.. and I was confused.. then I looked at the title and noticed it was just a introduction. >.<

Animation/Graphics - The animation was very smooth and the drawings were done very well. Great background and color choice. There really isn't much more to talk about in the terms of animation and graphics because it was done very nicely.

Story/Content - Of course there isn't a story behind an introduction, but I can comment on the content of the flash. This would be great for many Halloween flashes. It's a great introduction all around.

Audio - A very nice choice here. It runs very good with the animation itself and everything. I do recommend compressing the audio though because it seems like the audio is bringing the file size of this way up. If you need to learn how to do this take a look at this tutorial here.

http://www.newgrounds.com/flash/audio .html

Of course remember to remove any spaces which may be caused when I entered this in.

Overall - A very good introduction and the only thing that I can find wrong with it is that the file size is way too big. Hopefully the link that I sent to you can help you out.

~ Review Request Club ~

Nicely Done.

Although Halloween has past it did seem to successfully spook me just a tad. The music was definitely added to the spookiness of the video. The animation could had been a little better. The pumpkin was drawn well but Frankenstein and the other guy could be better in my opinion but since this is just an intro to your game it doesn't really matter.


::::::::Review Request Club::::::::

Heh... not half bad

Pretty good for an intro! ;D

Graphics: Good, good. I like how they come onto the screen with a little bit of a blur at first! And they went along pretty well with those scary images!

Scary Images: I'll admit, one of those images is a little disturbing! Just what we like to see for Halloween, albeit a little late for Halloween, at least you got around to submitting it!

Filesize: 7 MB WTF?? :S I'm sorry, but it does seem a little short for a 7 MB flash.
Any idea why the file has so much weight? Just askin'. :)

Say, any tips for a flash noob like me?? :)

3/5 ; 7/10

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2008
4:27 PM EST
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