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Ok I've taken down the old KK's story and revamped it. It took me awhile to add new graphics and some new parts to this one, because I wasn't satisfied with the last version (which was submitted in 2006).

First of all, there is a serious lack of animal crossing parodies on Newgrounds, and its such an easy and fantastic game to joke about too. This is a story of KK Slider and his battle to get his spot out the front of the train station every night. You think he just got that spot easy? He had to fight for it, damnit. Its a dog's life people, and this dog plays for free. Please enjoy this new version of KK's Story.

I appreciate reviews, so please do so!


So, is that my story? XD

Geez, I better run away then... xD
It's a good vid and I really liked it, but the only downside is the overall animation pace and how you "moved" KK.
Other than that, keep up the nice work! We need more Animal Crossing parodies here, pity there aren't that much...


I liked the part when the guitar came out OK, I was like, how cheesy is that, but then the train backed up and smashed it, that was hilarious! Also the concept of him switching to metal rock is sweet.
But...it should be a teen rating, with the monkey's foul language and K.K. shooting him...just saying!

Not Bad

It was pretty good except next you should increase the frame rate so that it's smoother

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The funniest part was with the guitar string for me, and the train only adding insult to injury.

I'm going to have to admit, I saw KK in the title, and was about to view the flash with some hefty prejudice, but this turned out to be some good 'ol fashioned NG humor. Voted 5!

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Good story could have moved faster.

My main problem is how slowly the story progressed. I mean it didn't have to be sped up, but I don't think it could have hurt.

Anyway it's overall good. Nice work. Sorry I didn't watch the whole thing. I never played animal crossing anyway, so I guess I enjoyed it a lot all things considered.

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3.62 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2008
10:06 PM EST
Comedy - Parody