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FFIX: The Inns and Outs

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This was done after I played FFIX earlier this week. I really enjoyed the comedic nature of the characters (especially these two). So I decided to do a short animation featuring audio from "Tommy Boy." and Spade and Farley's characters are so similar to Zidane and Steiner (at least in my mind).

I hope you guys get a good chuckle from this, I know I laughed a few times making it.

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Funny for anyone watch Tommy Boy and played FFIX

Clever animation and perfect characters for the lines good job!


This video is gold, considering now that when I play I will always and forever imagine Steiner's voice as Chris Farley's. I would also enjoyed it more if a scene like that did occur in that game...


having played FFIX and watched tommy boy, this is the best fusion of FF and farly i've ever seen xD you rock so damn hard for making this! good animation, you could really see the shithead grin on zidane's face when he was messing with steiner, and you made the animation and audio match up perfectly!


dude i would kill my friend if he did that good flash though keep it up


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