Roundworm Invasion!

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This is a Bio II project. It is MUCH better than my first two animations. I had a partner this time to do some voices and to keep me on task (not do it all Sunday night, which would result in very poor animation) I think its a bit funny, and hee hee I got to make teeny voices for the worms!

So watch and sincerely enjoy this! I hope you learn some things about roundworm!

oh by the way after they have sex, the eggs are pooped into the ground and can remain in soil for like up to a year before entering and hatching in a person. so dont poop on the ground if you got worms, and dont get soil into cuts or orifices.

Ok I got the grade. I missed 5 points (65/70) for not explaining how they move.

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One big issue though, you NEED a better microphone if you're going to keep with the voice acting. Preferably something with a windscreen, but any noise-canceling one would be fine. DON'T use the mic that came with your computer (if there is one).

billabo responds:

Yea, the mic I have isn't very high quality. I had to use rubber bands to fasten a piece of foam onto it, because a few years ago the foam it came with ripped and eventually got lost. So I plan to get a better quality one if I plan to do voice acting in another movie.

Thanks for the review and suggestions!

Alright I have to review this

This was really strange because it was kind of educational although the knowledge was awkwardly placed and displayed. The audio wasn't too bad though and it looks like you put some time into it. But I recommend re-thinking some of the shots, for example: when you had the "eggs" text pointing to a circle, maybe you could try to visually show that instead? Just a thought, might make things more interesting you could still use the other shot too. I know you probably won't work on this again but hopefully you will keep doing animations.

billabo responds:

About the info being akwardly placed, yea hehe that's partly because of the bit of hurry I had at the end to get it done, especially the digestive system scene and reproducing scene. I just threw them in because I realized I didn't have them. The rest I tried to work in with the story, but I guess I didn't really plan it out very much.

Thanks for the helpful suggestions and support!

Gross but Imformative

I admit I didn't think I'd like it at first but it actually had a point to it. Your animations were pretty good and it was pretty funny as well. I find it funny that he knew exactly which internals were hurting, that made me laugh. Imagine that, a telepath that couldn't avoid roundworms...
Not bad :)

billabo responds:

Thanks. Yea, I was hoping I'd get some laughs out of that line. I present tomorrow, I hope the class laughs too. :)

edit: yea I got some response, hehe.

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Nov 10, 2008
11:48 PM EST