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Journey Quest

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After purchasing the most hyped video game of 1990, James is ecstatic to finally begin playing "Journey Quest." However, his excitement quickly turns to frustration when the in-game characters he must assemble to complete the game want nothing of it.

James finds that these heroes have minds of their own, and are more interested in entertaining themselves with elixirs and herbs than in defeating evil Lord Ziro. It could be a long quest indeed.

** apologize for the poor quality, was hard to get under the 10 MB file limit **

Thanks everyone for the great response! I am in the middle of creating the first full 11 minute episode, and once I figure out some funding issues for the voice actors and video shoot, I will be glad to showcase it here at Newgrounds. Thanks again! Cortez

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That was brilliant

That was the greatest story ever told!

Well done man, that was brilliant. Hopefully I'll get to see the episode when it's finished... hint hint (post a link) :)


Thank you for showing us what REALLY goes on in these old RPGS. I always wondered how herbs could restore magic. The quality could have been a tad bit better, and I enjoyed how the live action character flipped out and was totally oblivious to the characters getting all sorts of messed up in the noggin.


It was okay, but it seemed kind of short. For some reason I was expecting the story to go on longer than just one or two "smokes". Also, it's a little annoying to see the graphics saved as a low-quality (but still large) movie file; maybe you should try making the graphics in Flash so you can take advantage of the vector graphics capabilities. Still, it was entertaining and the graphics were good, so all in all it was a good effort.

glorybe responds:

Thanks for the feedback,

I would have loved to make it all in flash to avoid the low-quality swf, however flash doesnt edit video and it was much easier to edit, tweak and compile in Final Cut.

and to clarify there were 4 joints not 2 in the show. Puff Puff Pass yo


Loved everything about it. Especially the voice acting!