Sudden Remakes 1

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What if a key actor of a certain movie was replaced with a certain Big Box Office Smash Hit Movie Star from Austria?
In that Galaxy far far away, the terrible death planet cannon is aimed at the home base planet of the heroic rebel forces! The end is near for all that is good and white in the universe! Only a small grain of hope remains. The building plans of the death planet has fallen into the hands of the rebels. The planet of doom has a weak point! The Rebel forces send their best pilots, lead by Lutze Skyscraper!
But can even Lutze prevail against the menacing Dark Vader?!

Thank you for all the feed back, guys!

In response to complains about the sound quality, I went back to my flash file, increased the bit rate and republished the film. Thankfully this awesome site allows for updates in mid stream.

I should clarify the credits.
The writing, ideas Nic and I worked out together.
Nic Quesnel did all the voices except one.
Earle Peach composed the music and added sound FX
Markus Radtke (Me) directed and animated the film.
Sudden Remakes 1 was roughly three month in the making.

To all the people who wrote reviews...
Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!


hahahahaha... loved it.

missing more... but still awesome dude.

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Whatever. It wasn't really funny. It's was like.. ehh.. I'm sure there's a pop culture reference I'm missing, even though I've seen the media being parodied.

Artwok was nice, visually pleasing. Animation was odd, choppy and offsetting. Content was bland, I remain unamused.

I give "8 TO THe CHOPPA! " out of 10

I loved the commando movie, and starwars.
this makes me wonder how Arnold would have dealt with vader and the other guys when Obi was fighting vader alone. "Strike me now, and I will become stronger than you could ever imagine."

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Now that is the use of the force lol...

This movie was an interesting concept. The art was great and it was funny, though I think it could of easily been a bit funnier. But still, this was some pretty good stuff!

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lol awesome

It made me lol, the graphics were very nice, but the animation was a little choppy, unless thats intentional.

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4.27 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2008
3:18 PM EST
Comedy - Parody