Reviews for "Sudden Remakes 1"

its absurd!

i love the blatant disregard toward basic logic and science. sadly, i dont think ahhnold could really do this. chuck norris or captain falcon may be more fitting. anyway... GOOD JOB!


when he drove into the sun you should have made him say ahh it burn it burns

That was fucking retarded!

And that's what makes it so awesome! You get my 5+10 yo.

Cavebird responds:

Fucking retarded is good. That describes the film rather well actually.

Very funny

This was a brilliant animation with good graphics and nice sound.
This was funny and well made however, i feel that some of the animation was a little jolty and not so smooth and its because of this that im giving you a 9.
I hope that this wasn't my internet or the way that you designed it because then i have misconstrued the score and with talent like that I think that could be the reason.

hahahahaha... loved it.

missing more... but still awesome dude.