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LF2:The Alliance Ch.2

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Author Comments

***This series is the continuation of "LF2:A Hunter's Quest"***
***If at anytime you are confused on the plot, please refer to the previous series. All episodes on Newgrounds.com***
***You can also find the episodes on my profile page and included in this movie under the "Info" section.***
***Thank you and enjoy the movie.***

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This was actually pretty nice, the "SPRITE" work was pretty good and you showed some good action, you even have a good "STORY" going on here, the "VOICES" could use some work they need more passion and effort. A larger view screen would make this a tad bit better, as it will allow you to see more of the details in the actual visuals, just an idea or two there. nice flash you have here.

the voice work could use some work they need more passion and effort. A larger view screen would make this a tad bit better, as it will allow you to see more of the details in the actual visuals, just an idea or two there. also I would suggest that instead of the story playing out with a next button just let the story flow with no buttons, it will bring more quality to the story itself.



It was awesome but I wished I could've voice acted for John.

That's better!

O N L Y A M A Z I N G !
The voice of Deeps hears like a drunk man :P

Improvements again!

You're getting better even in the context of this new series. I really liked this episode.
The button to make the text move forward is really good when you have text and voice acting it seems. That way it doesn't fall out of sync. Nice solution to that problem! Also the voices are no longer too silent.
You need some more voice actors though! :P You are able to give 1 or 2 characters very distinct personalities with your vocal, but it would help to have even more.

Still I have to complain about the lack of background. Who are those Jon and Rudolf characters? Why are they fighting the hunters? How do they know about our band of heroes? Why so eager to join?
And what the hell is this "testing" thing? It's not a very good way of making acquittance with somebody. If I were in the shoes of our heroes I wouldn't trust these new characters! This seemed like a lame excuse for another fight scene... Not that the scene is bad.
The fight scenes in your new series are truly commendable! They are exciting to watch, everybody keeps moving and so they make sense! They flow well and give nice tension. The graphics and use of background has also improved a lot, so from a visual standpoint this series has gotten a LOT better. I just hope you improve the story/setting/characters too at some point.

Davis really has chance at character develompent here. The voice acting really shines through here.
"I know..."
animals... so he considers Bat an animal!
It all rings through! Good job!

The tent fight scene was also great. I wasn't greatly bothered by the pixel tents. The fight scenes purely physically make sense. A great improvement. Though this still begs the question. Why are they attacking this camp? And what is their overall goal anyways?

Very entertaining none the less! Cinematic on many levels even.

PyronX responds:

Thank you for your review!
I might be able to answer some of your questions.
1. John and Rudolf, live in the area.
2. They fight to defend their village from the invading hunters
3. They don't know the heroes
4. The two wish for an end to such actions by the hunters
5. The testing was to judge their character
I hope that covers things...
I try not to hold on to long dialogue scenes as they can become dull for the viewer. I still to work on my timing for that. (Most animes get away with it :P)
I'm glad you understood the character development with Davis, it will all come together in time.
Once again thank you for your review.


When will you make the third episode? You haven't send anything for almost one year, you don't answer on e-mail... make it please ;], I'm waiting for Freeze :P

PyronX responds:

Chapter 3 is out, so no worries. I do apologize to everyone for the delay.

I can not say when Freeze will make his appearance. I do know when, I just like keeping viewer in suspence. ;)

Credits & Info

4.28 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2008
1:59 PM EST