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The Ballad of the Band P2

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The tale continues with the two friends who need to raise a substantial amount of money!
Phew! I Did it!
I actually finished it!
Yet i accidently jerked it on too long, and the song ended, so im gonna have to get this NEXT one up soon, but im looking for a break from this thing, cause sometimes they just take to long to make.
Otherwise, im happy to announce that this specimen is a bit more impressive, but not much more, this still has the black and white no-background theme that people say "YOU SUCK EAT SHIT PUSSYLIPS ICE TITTIES!" and stuff like that, but i cant change the theme half way through...

ENJOY! hopefully, just try to enjoy it, yeah?

EDIT: DAWW, i just realised in the last scene that jacob (AKA Five-O'clock shadow guy) is supposed to be in a wheelchair, whoopsee doodles!

Gee, guys! 3.30/5.00? Thanks! And Thanks for all your reviews, too.

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i liked it, lol rofled when i read the authors comments!

Liked it.

This is a very neat flash. Like the idea, I think it fits well with the song. You could always change the guy at the end and put him in a wheelchair, and re-upload, if you were that bothered. :P

Poopsmith890 responds:

Ehhhhhh..... I cbf anyway...

Pritty cool

Ant a bad flash its got a good story not bad music and the art could use some work but other than that it was a pritty good flash.

I dunno.... Couldve been better

Problem: The animation couldnt have sucked more.
Fixes: 1. Get Tablet 2. Try to qualitize it better 3. When u finish with the video, go thru it and try to fix up the stuff a bit.

Problem: You couldnt read most of what they said.
Fixes: 1.Get a Mic and do voice acting. 2. Just dont write what the guys are saying when you are doing animation. 3. If you write what they say, dont make it an animation. Make it a comic, have it so you hit a button to go thru each frame.

Pros: Hier Komt Alex from GT3 (Nice one. I love songs from GT3 and they dominate my iPod.)

Cons: Its a sequel that didnt do so good, just like many videos.

Poopsmith890 responds:

yeah with the voice action idea, its supposed to kinda be interstella 5555 story thing, just im not good enough as an animator to make messages as they did, also thte voices would just get eaten by the song...


The music is kinda good! I liked it
but the animation isnt good

but anyways