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Dragonball z ep 1

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Author Comments

Now this is the 1st dbz stick series. I was originally going to make this longer but I started this a year ago and just recently got into animating again. Now I know this sucks really bad and the reason i'm uploading is hoping this can pass so I can start on part 2 and actually make improvements. I don't want to just start all the way over I just want to work on part 2 with improvements and stuff. I would have put my improvements in this one but it would be weird to see it go from really crappy to better then it is now so I am just uploading this so I can get working on part 2 with noticable improvements like a background and all that.

Thanks for watching hope this isn't to bad for your eyes :P.

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I like Dragonball Z too, but the way to express your entusiasm for something should not necessarily be to try to copy it, especially when you're doing it at a graphically lower level ie swtick figures, now don't get me wrong fan flashes can be ok and so can sticks, but they don't work very well combined. If you were spoofing a live action show this may be different, but you cannot emulate high detail animation with low detail animation, of the same or similar story and characters. I'd say your best bet is either to create a DBZ INSPIRED flash with different characters and plotline using current animation technique, or if you do want to try to make something someone will watch, make a DBZ flash, but make it well, draw it out don;t use sticks and take your time, even if it takes you months, because the end result will be worth it. Bottom line, better animation, or more original story one or the other, (both would be nice but are not necessarily necessary I suppose) .And keep in mind I'm not knockin' ya here, so don't think I am, I just see that you have potential and the drive to animate, so I want to make sure you don't sell yourself short. Good luck in your future animations

blade55555 responds:

Well i like stick figure animations while I do agree I have alot to learn I do need to take mor etime as well. I'v tried full bodies i'm just not a fan of them I prefer stick figure animations lol. I do plan on working on the next one for a lot longer then this one and making it longer with a better story. Thanks for the review and tips :).

love it not

lol this animateion is so bad that i rate it 0/5 and 0/10 lrean to animate

blade55555 responds:

I know this sucks and all but you don't even use flash nor have any submissions so sadly I'm a better animator then you already rofl.

Lots to learn.

A mediocre start.
Work on the following:
Easing (i saw little to none at all)
Force (again, little to none)
Proper dialogue/displaying of said dialogue (the generic big black unskippable text just screams: "I DIDN'T WORK VERY HARD ON THIS.")
Presentability (again, fancy it up a bit, make it look like it took more effort)

Well, i got to go, right now, but theres a lot more to work on.

blade55555 responds:

Yes I know thank you for the tips I'm not sure what you mean by easing and force maybe pm me but thanks I am going to work on the next one alot harder trust me this one is shit I know.

Good, but...

It was a strange ending...make the next one a lot longer, it was good, but the frame rate was a little to fast so it felt forced, and it was kinda short.

blade55555 responds:

Yea I know I ended it so fast because I needed to just start part 2 so I can make it a lot better. Thanks for watching :)


use the paintbrush instead of the line tool, if you add some more frames and up the framerate, it could look smooth

blade55555 responds:

ok I will try that thanks for the response and giving me some tips ^^

Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2008
5:51 PM EST