Smoke Consequences

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This is a short flash I`ve made, one of my firsts.
Sorry for bad spelling :( english is my secondary language.
Thanks. :)



It looks okay but you need to add sound. And considering that English is your secondary language, I don't think the spelling is that bad. I've taken some foreign language courses and I know how hard it can be to spell unfamiliar words that don't sound like how they're spelled.

That aside, please add some music or something. It would make this a lot more interesting.

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I hope this wasn't meant to be your point of view on smoking and is only meant to actually insult people who hate smokers.

I've never caught on fire from a cigarette landing on me, and people who smoke know better than to just have a cigarette sitting on them. It won't catch your clothes on fire, it'll just burn a hole through whatever you're wearing then burn into your skin.

Also, no one ever lights a cigarette like the way you have depicted. Only a retard would do it like that, someone who's never smoked in their life, or unless you're smoking a rolled cigarette cause you have to burn off the excess paper on the end.

Needs improvement

It seemed a bit rushed
Next time add sound, check your spelling and put more effort into your drawings and the animation its self, a background would be a nice addition also.
Still for one of your first animations, it was alright
Better luck on your next flash animation.

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It has potential.

It wasn't too bad. The parts that were animated were pretty good. I would stick to using less tweens and more frame by frame. The art wasn't bad either, a little rugged but that's your style.
There were some parts that were kind of confusing. Like when the guy fell on a bomb it knocked down the smoking guy? I didn't really catch how that tied together. Also, definitely add sound. That'll make any movie better. Music would make it better too. I'm sure you could find something in the Audio Portal that fits.

You have the animating potential to make something good, all you need to do is put in a bit more effort (And sound effects :3 )

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Learn how to spell

Nothing was funny, why? Secondly, learn how to spell.

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Nov 5, 2008
8:00 PM EST