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A Tournament for a Bride

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~~Front page? Fun.

Episode 15.

This one is one of the ones I enjoy over others. This is mainly due to the combat. Although that isn't the only thing.

Some contestants attempt to defeat each other to win the heart of a mysterious woman. Who will win? Who is this woman? Watch to find out.

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This was cute

Ok so I found this flash to be pretty interesting and slightly entertaining, its one of those flash pieces thats grabs your attention and keeps you there, I like the style and direction you took with this. Some really nice animation and character art, it has that "CUTE" factor that some flashes bring to the table, the sounds and voices are great but there was some "STATIC" that could be cleared up maybe it was the "MIC" or something. nice cute flash here though. So with all that said, this was pretty decent, allthough it could use more stuff and such, also suggested below, it was still pretty good just needs a tad more effort but it will pay off just keep working on it, and always do what is fun to you because that will make for a good flash so anyways keep up the awsome work, creativity is your friend.

I will enlighten you with a few tid bits of knowledge I may not be perfect in my reviews, but I do have some insight on how things can be improved so here is some things to think about. there was some slight static issues with voices but not too big of a deal.


she is not so preety and i love dis video


I don't like to say "cute" often but this is it. Random animals fighting for a bride, a ninja bird, and a crazy frog in the middle!

The little bird was cheated

He so would've won if he hadn't been defeated by his mother :l

i love it

good work i love chibi anime ^^