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Alphie's story

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Author Comments

<edit 10-8-09>
As you probably don't know, <former> Cyborgkid's name has been changed to "Alphie". It fits his personality, has some humor to it, and sounds less generic than "Cyborgkid". I'm too lazy to update all the flashes, so I'm just going to incorporate his knew name into the storyline. That is all.
<edit done>



You have no idea what I had to go through to get you this. First the file corrupted, then the file was on a school computer, then recently, it came back home.

Anyway, this is the story of how Alphie came to be. It's very long, about 6 minutes or so, so make sure you take a piss before watching this. If you experience any frame lagging, it could be either your computer or too many people watching it. Someday I hope to make this a big franchise.

You'll be blown away by the disturbing future:

With all the catastrophic events steadily leading to an apocalypse, the end of humanity as we know it has officially come, just as the Mayans predicted. OR HAS IT??? 0_o

The world is literally in shambles. Antarctica is now the only safe place for life of any kind, the rest of the world's climate has changed so much. Luckily, NASA had a manned mission going on in a sub-lunar base and sends a guy down to check on our poor homeworld. He begins to recolonize on Earth.

Humanity is in a New Dark Age, and are desperately trying to rebuild. The only stable structure built on Earth besides a handful of tents is a military/government/scien ce research facility guarded by an advanced AI Roodikan, nicknamed by staff as Roodi. Alpha-001, a mutant fetus, is born as the first-ever part of a new Cyborg project.

Alpha-001 is going under advanced military traing at only 2 years old. Meanwhile, his robot skin is built and contained. Alpha-001 is scheduled to be fused with the robot skin at age 21.

Humanity has successfully pulled itself out of the New Dark Age. Alpha-001, now a hard-core military-trained 14-year-old, is eating dinner one fateful night when he suddenly goes homicidal and tries to break out of the military facility. Meanwhile, a nasty storm is brewing over the building. After killing some guards and scientists, he accidentally stumbles across a storage room full of mechanical skins. He finds the first one ever made, his own, and puts it on. Lightening strikes the radio pole controlling Roodi, corrupting the AI and making it go homicidal. After battling with the AI for a while, Alpha-001 flees to a small room while the AI literally destroys the building.Roodi fuses the poor kid to the suit he's wearing, changing his life forever. Alpha-001 decides to change his name to Cyborgkid.

It's been a long life for poor Cyborgkid (today is his 800th birthday), and the world has changed so much in 800 years. He battles it out with Roodi's enormous Juggernaut Starship in his massive 3-mile long SAC Walrus space cruiser.

i promise.

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I really like the AI's personality >=3


I love how he controls the spaceship, but why would they make a vital AI core so suseptable to lightning? And AI implies it has it's own personality. I think you mean a VI (Virtual Intelagence).

vezanmatics responds:

after it got hit by lightning it began to display the "mental" characteristics of a madman, you'll see a lot of this in the next flash. and they made it so susceptible to lightning because these are new dark ages and people don't have gold-coated lightening rods or whatever


I really enjoyed this you must have put alot of effort into it keep it up!


i say huh because words cannot describe how much i enjoyed this flash, great story and details, awesome artwork, liked the sound track and i actually didnt plan on watching this, i accidentally clicked it instead of some other thing. 10/10 5/5
MAKE ANOTHER OR DIE A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH,or just have 1 week of bad luck

vezanmatics responds:

...make another one, that is.
If you liked this one, you'll love the next one. It has alien shanking, a new girl character, and... DIALOGUE!

Great stuff!

I remember first watching another part of this and was quite impressed. It looks as though you have truly outdone yourself! This is some of the best usage of simple color (without shades) that I have ever seen! All the motions are done wonderfully and I loved how there was an explanation for what went on, as I was confused by 786 years passing. I look forward to seeing the next chapter in this series and hope you get the recognition you deserve. Robots in the future may not seem like that much of an original idea, but it's wonderfully done here!

vezanmatics responds:

OMG thank you so much for this great review! The next chapter of Alphie's story is on its way, and it's probably going to be ten times better than this, I hope. I also hopefully won't have to include a massive explanation, as the next one has more dialogue and the story speaks for itself. Anyway, thanks!

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2008
2:33 PM EST