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Tenchi Muyo in a Nutshell

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From the maker of DBZ in a Nutshell comes...... Tenchi Muyo in a Nutshell!!!!

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At first, I was going to say that this was part of a meme. I then realized you're the same guy who made the other one. Well, I've still seen other "X In A Nutshell" things out there. I admit I have never watched this show. I wasn't able to understand most of the jokes.

It's actually still not bad. The talking's a bit too fast. Again, I have to know more about the show. I'm at least familiar with Sasami. That was the former trope name for Fan Preferred Couple!

GOd I loved the original Tenchi anime shows. the ones that had those other characters sucked ass. It's like ALundra 2 not really being Alundra, or Aeris getting ganked because deadlines. guhhh

this perfectly summed it up. so perfect. LOVE ME SOME TENCHI!

hah that was funny

Hah! I remember this show as a kid.

Remember seeing the first season on video back when my dad had a friend bring it over from japan... everything was english except the subtitles and some "uncut" material >.> ... course that tape is gone now. Loved the vid and how well it applied to the series.

Really funny

These voiceover shorts are really, really funny. Which is rare around here.