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Hello Fellow Newgrounders! (And some prospective voters :D)

! Obama/Biden 2008 !

I made this little flash to remind everyone that today is a day that will have an impact on the rest of our country for the rest of its existence.

Yes, unlike the fact that you can just vote 3 on this movie today, then 0 on it tomorrow, you DONT have that choce.

Another 4 years and you will be able to vote again, so dont blow it on JOHN MCCAIN :O.
( Actually, I dont care who you vote for, as long as you vote :) )


P.S Obama is my homie.

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how can you say that obama is for freedom when people are being denied there rights black white any race and dont call me a racist because im not mlk is probably turning in his grave along with jfk knowing that the goverment isgetting worse and worse

Well i cant say?????

I cant say that i voted for obama....but i guess that he is our president now. But still it is a great flash

That was so sexy

Loved the preloader


I enjoy Obama, however, this movie was awful. The images were horribly cropped, and the movie consisted of only tweens. Try to do better the next time you release a movie.

Prise Make the Better

MewMew does not approve of this.

MewMew was not sways by messages of the Obama sir. Teh tweenings of the pictures was not enough to impress MewMew.

MewMew says:

If MewMew could vote she still would be not decided. The pictures were very pretty howevers and the Obama sir is verys pretty. Prease make the better and MewMew will review again later.