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Magicians Force Ep. 1

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Author Comments

Ta-Da! (Ta is a word? It's not red-squiggled) In This Episode, The Team Concludes that they have finally succeeded in restoring peace to the land! But Star has his doubts...What Will Happen? Find out by clicking that link! Mild Violence? Not much, but we figured that since there is damage being dealt, whether blood is shed or not, we should mark it as such.

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Relatively Interesting

I enjoyed what I watched for the most part. However, I would suggest that you increase the length if at all possible. Lots of people have plenty of spare time, and would like to be entertained for a general period longer than a few minutes.

As far as the show itself, I am a bit skeptical on your abilities as an artist. Are you sure your artistic style will be appreciated? A bit more detail on the characters would be excellent, especially if you focus more on being serious and less on silly one liners.

Oh, and I loved that one line. "Freeze!" Brilliant. I mean it. Totally.


It would have a lot more potential if the characters showed bit more personality. As I see it now, they seem to be a rather generic group of people, each wih a unique power fighting some superpowerful evil force. I really hope you don't mind me saying this, but....that's a bit barren in the area of originality. The little bit of slapstick was funny when one of the magicians fell over due to the other's speed. More due to the simplicity of the animation thn anything else.

Still, I have to hand it to ya, you are better at flash than I.

PowerMeep responds:

I think Episode Four is where the personalities really begin to shine through. Have faith! this show ain't over by a longshot!

Not particularly entertaining

It's well put together, all looks very clean and the cinematic is half decent at least. The graphical and animation style, while miles better than the trailer, was still way too simple, and the colour scheme wasn't very nice to look at.

I can't really say it was at all funny, and the style didn't quite justify the uber-cheesiness of it all. The lack of sound along with how the music was done was really quite irritating too.

I don't much like the way you draw figures; give your characters proper faces. The use of gradients could possibly have been good if you had chosen less vibrant colours, but be careful not to over-use gradients.

Work on adding detail to your backgrounds and characters be careful not to use bright electric colours all over the place. Try think about cinematic lighting, less obtrusive subtitles, sound effects.

Aesthetics aside, I doubt your ability to make something that's entertaining on the content side of things


one thing; pants are ment to have crotches, please obtain the ability to differentiate beween men and woemen

PowerMeep responds:

heh heh...okay, I agree. but trust me - when the female characters start showing up, you will have no doubt they are girls. (and I mean that in a socially-acceptable way). So far, they are all guys, but I assure you - girls will appear.

Keep Working

You could add some more stuff like vouces or more sound effects and take the spacebar thing out. Other than that it was good.

PowerMeep responds:

OMG you should have seen my first attempt of...flash...ing...this - It was terrible!!! stick figures with no animation and a little button you had to find before you could click it and and a stunning 12fps IT WAS JUNK!!!

I think I might upload it near Christmas just because it was so terrible...Or maybe not. It contains the first three episodes in one, and it labeled the intro as chapter 1. Oh man, I am glad I terminated that project!

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2008
5:06 PM EST