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BLAMEables: Gone Wrong!!!

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Crazy lol

Haha this was good, crazy the stick like character was well done and it showed well with the animation and crazyness of it, so very welldone, i enjoyed it

Make more like these very nice indeed

Funny and crazy


Orangebeef responds:

fuck you waynecolt


Moral: watch reviews before watching something or you'r head will blow.

BTW: good flash, laugh at it.

True to form.

I've had too many instances where something like this has happened to me...except for the head-exploding part.
Thank you for making a video to stick it to those lame-ass n00bs.

Orangebeef responds:

teh pwn

So that's it huh!

This is the reason people make spam flashes! You have explained it clearly with your flash here. The creator of a spam flash is trying to make my head explode.

HEY!? Can you make a directors cut where his dick explodes??? Wouldn't that be funny? No? Okay. ... Well I was just saying.

Anyway this was cute, short, to the point- spam is always made by "somefag" and it makes our heads explode.


Orangebeef responds: