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Tweening for beginners

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Covers the very basic principals behind shape tweening and motion tweening.

Requirements to be able to do this: You should know the setup of flash mx. Nothing more.

As i said earlier, this tutorial is for beginners at flash.


Update: Forgot i had to add a preloader with my software... Sorry, adding it now.

Update: Ahh shit cant join the preloader and the swf file.

Sorry...delete me if it is un-viewable.

Update: Im uploading the video to screen cast and then im gonna embed the code to this page. Sorry for this...sigh

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instructive for shitty beginners like me, plz keep doing those tutorials

crayzrocker responds:

your welcome. Hope it helps

I know that already

But it could be really helpful for beginners because it is the main part of flash.And nothing can be done without it.I learned it myself by testing my characters.

this is usful

but i think it need some sort of sound to it even if it just the sound of keys being pressed cuz its too quite

crayzrocker responds:

Good point...i will update.