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-S M C 3-(shock tribute)

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Author Comments

UHM srry guys, i think this one might be a bit shorter then th previous movies,:P anyway, enjoy guyz!!heres #3!!my bad, i also 4got preloader:P (i think this one might acctually be below #2):s

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Keep it up XiaoxiaoGOD!That was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

lol thx, ur my fav fan:)


You should name it like.. Shock Tribute or sth... Just for honor. Because it is very visible that you tried to copy Terkoiz's style. And you phailed.

But now to the animation itself- I liked the stickman shooting. Somehow reminds me the old CnC series. Aah... good times. Oh, what next.. Well, the effects were quite nicely done imo, but you really should work on smoothness. And force. Yes, force is important. And other mistakes such as: moving corpses, a bit of resizing, and trying to copy Terk- should be repaired in your next flash I'm waiting for ;)

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

ok, anyine interested in collab??i cud use th help, i wanna b th best i can b :)


Wait so who won?

XiaoxiaoGOD responds:

lol, th blue guy did, ino, EVEN I personnaly like #2 better :P

Good Start

I thought it was a lil fast on the text, and the background really annoyed me being so plan, just add something to make it look right. But either way I felt the way it played out was pretty cool, great stickfighting and slowmo.

You have much to learn, but it's a start.

You definitely have a very long way to go, but here are some really brief pointers:

- Too fast. Don't be lazy, put in those in-betweens or the motions will be to fast to see.

- Wobbly Animation. Good to see you're doing fbf, unlike most retards, but make sure you take a little more time and redraw your stick exactly where you want it. To practice this, just draw 10 frames of a stick in the exact same position. Play it back, if he's vibrating, it means you need more practice. I REALLY hope you know about the onion skin tool.

- Crappy dialogue. "There's no way you can win, i just used Grand Viper on you." Please. That sounded so bad, oh my god. It'd be better if you just left it out.

- Timing. Sometimes the 'dramatic' pauses lasted a bit too long. Felt like you were trying to kill the rest of the song. At points it even felt like my flash crashed, haha

- Easing. This is why it wasn't smooth or realistic.

- Physics. Your physics were horrible, keep gravity in mind.

Check out the forums, join the Stick Showdown Collab IV. Not does that give you a chance to make a name for yourself (people loved the other three), but we can help you reach a brand new level of stick animation.

Hope you continue, and have better luck with your animations in the future!
-Cheers, Zedd56

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2008
8:17 PM EST