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Fede's MGC Entry

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Author Comments

After almost 5 months of making the original entry i made this extended version ( but still with the original horrible animation ) .
I made this flash for the Metal Gear Collab but it didn't get in , maybe because Johnny Utah is in it .

On the bright side , this flash make me realize how much i have progress as an animator and an artist ( well at least now my drawings are better )

Anyways , hope you enjoy it !

Edit : I had a problem with the dimension lol ,problem fixed !

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It's a shame it didn't make the collab, there were a couple a saw that did get in where I was thinking, damn, I could have made something better in 15 minutes

fede1920 responds:

Thanks man , i guess it didn't enter the collab because it has Jeff Bandelin in it. I didn't see any NG staff member on any part of the MCG collab so yeah that must be the reason

Nicely made

First piece of advice - don't spend the author's comments telling us how bad the movie is. And get rid of the frame saying the exact same thing, too. We'll make our own minds up and it comes across like a blammable flash with all those disclaimers about quality.

Also, make it longer, or make the intro shorter - for a 'short' like this I shouldn't be expected to sit through any pointlessness.

Also, voice-act rather than using speech bubbles.

The animation is very nice and the graphics are lovely too. The blood effects are beyond reproach. A very fluid and pleasing-to-view cartoonish style.

Better luck next time.

It's always hard for me as a reviewing NG person to review these types of submissions because I know you probably put a lot of work into this and wanted it to be in the collaboration really bad.

It wasn't that funny it needs to be funnier or more action packed. You'll get funnier the more you practice. Trust me; everyone that cares to get better does get better!

The art and animation are good. I think if you would have had a better joke than just the kid killing Snake then you would have made it in.

I saw this coming a mile away. Right when the screen blacked out I knew solid snake was gonna be shot.
Maybe if you would have had the gun shot and then just shown him butt humping the teacher of the school instead it would have been funny.
(I'm just saying. It makes me laugh.)
Take it with a grain of salt!

Also why is solid snake in the school? What does he want from the kid? Is he trying to cheat on a test or something? No, because this kid is just drawing; and why does this kid draw tank man stuff? Is solid snake trying to stop him from drawing a new design of Metal gear? Metal Gear Tank?

These questions aren't clearly answered in the flash which is a part of your story telling skills.

Don't worry you will get better!

You have skill in art and animation now just work on your comedy and synopsis.


PS I didn't think all the entries in the MGSC disc 1 or 2 were funny either. So, please don't get discouraged.

fede1920 responds:

He wan't a kid , he was Jeff (aka JohnnyUtah , creator of Tankmen ) . I specified this in the author comments and there was a sign in the wall sayig Jeff's Office. But thanks anyway for your review


Your art was alright, the plot was quite uninteresting. It was short. I supposed the theme of it didn't appeal to me and hence that is why I don't feel it was good. So I will credit you for your reasonable quality artwork. Well done in that department.

fede1920 responds:

Thanks for reviewing ! I know the script sucks , idk what the hell i was thinking when i made it XD

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2008
7:47 PM EST