sonic the movie 1 trailer

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HOPE YOU GUYS WILL LIKE IT!!XD i just want ot say before anyone watchs it dont leave any annoying comments like i hate sonic and sonic is gay if you think that then dont watch this video okay! anyway i hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed making it.

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lame even for a movie trailer

i dont know why people on newgrounds just can't MAKE their movies instead of giving like 10 freaking headsup's about it

Needs to be done over..badly. Sorry.

I liked the song, that was about it. However, it didn't go with this "movie trailer" which was only a few seconds. The animation is just icky. The colors are really bad; I know it was made with MS paint but...it looks like everything you drew, you saved as either JPG or GIF. I didn't particularly care for the coloration here either. Mustard Yellow Super Sonic? Yuck!

Finally, next time you make a movie trailer, please give a better indication of the plot other than some text placed in front of a slide show of images which will distract people many away from the text. This is just badly done. The drawings were okay but that was about it.

dont mean to offend you but......

that wasnt all that good. the drawings on ms paint were half decent but the animation sucked because the frames were moving way too slow to the point where it looked like a slide show. here is a tip: go to office depot, go to the section where they have computer programs and games, and pick up anime studio.

KING2828 responds:

nah its okay i know that it sucks but i had very little time to do everything and next time i will promise to make it look better because i am actually working on the movie itself and when i made it i thought the frames were moving pretty good and hey thats what comments are for to improve ones flash lol so yea i will make it betterXD

I'm sorry, but...

...there is just no excuse for how bad this truly was. There was no point, just some text, and a bad picture. And some bad music. Improve the graphics, make a storyline, give us some animation, and make it in Flash please.


Ok, first off, this isn't even made in FLASH, why isn't this on youtube instead?
It's like 5 seconds long too, and the text covers everything. The song is complete shit, just like the band who sings it, if you want to be more original, try using music that not everyone uses to make their shitty music videos and such.
Try better next time, and use flash.

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Nov 2, 2008
4:06 AM EST