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Yes, i know, "its stickfigures, thats so lame!" beleive or not, but you can have a stickmovie thats got quality as well with any other.
Well, i made this showcase, showing some of my old toons i submitted to Stickpage Portal back in early 07, so if you were wondering, there you go. Back then i was known as Nougati, and after making one bad review, i was blacklisted, everyone on the site despised my guts. So i jumped into a more respectful, orderly society. And learnt a thing or two about the ways of full body flash. Im still pretty bad, but i'm improving.
Note: Clip no. 1 and 4, have sounds so the menu music will lap over it until it fades out, im not sure how to make it automatically stop, so bare with me on that.
Note: As i said in Paragraph 2, this is from when i had an account called Nougati, but i made this account long before that, and you cant register a second account under the same email address, and i couldnt be stuffed remembering my other email's pass, so yeah, dont blow the whistle saying its stolen or what have you, cause this explains it.

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its a good one but since this is old cant blame ya


it was alright, the best one was the random red guy (cute <3) lol. I think you should submit some new stick fights, to see how much better you are now (hopefuly) than you were when you did this.

end =)

Stick figures?no problem!

But they should have heads and the screen should be more big.

Early 07?

LOL I figured this stuff was made back in like 97.

No offense man.

Hey I liked um!