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Ded Spays

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Ded Spays is a video game SO terrifying that it can cast fear deep into the hearts of those that see even the disc itself.

A glimpse of the panic-inducing game case is so horrible that it can cause even the bravest person to become suicidal just to escape the fright.

Watch and cringe as this game goes into to production, and then to stores nationwide!

[This is my submission to the Halloween 2008 Contest/Collection.]

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holy shit

So friggin funny!
I wasnt scared at all.
Its normal
Still, I hate dead space.
Yeah, its that fruggin scary.

dorpf xD

Great animation, too bad the game wasn't scary at all
and yet again i write another useless review... :3

cool vid man.

That's kinda scary...
But, do you know what's FUCKIN' TERRIFYING!!??

dead space parody lol

dead space 2 is scarier with the sneak scares and stuff but the boss was'nt as good as the dead space one