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TDD2: A Surgeon's Lament

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After finishing the CTSG project, which was submitted to Newgrounds a month ago, I wanted to try a solo project again. It's been ages since I last did that.
Knowing there would be a Halloween project coming up soon I decided to make something for it. As Tom said the challenge was to make something really scary, I tried my best to do that. My goal was to create something psycho, like Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.
This is the first Newgrounds contest I ever entered btw.

WritersBlock wrote the story which was devided in 2 parts. Night-Mare was supposed to submit the first part of the story, but he couldn't get to it and so I submit here the second part on my own. I hope you get to enjoy it, and I encourage you to read the full story here:

I strayed off from the original story a little because I had little time to finish this.
Please enjoy my video, and a happy halloween to you all (:

EDIT 22-12-08
Added a Newgrounds API.

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hehee.... uh...

I... I don't understand why this made me cringe more than "3guys one hammer" ... but it did... weird....
I like this, the graphics simple, yet in a cool way. like Adventure Time almost! so simple, yet so cool! ya know?


Why I hate hospitals and fuckin' clows! D:<
You don't know what the shiz'll happen near or in them.. e-e
C: Thank you for proving that. xD

its ok

its good over all but it be better if u could have the voices louder then the music

It's Ok...

I like the story line, the aimation and the special creepy effects but it's creepy not scary...


it was creepy, didnt really scare all that much but the shadowy figures were cool, was almost enough to be a f.e.a.r.2 flash back