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Dickens' Last Adventure

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Dickens 3 is a full-length point-and-click adventure game including a lil minigame, easter eggs, and mo'! Dickens 3 is the last in the series and took around forever to make. Instructions and credits are in game. When voting, please take detail and effort into consideration. Enjoy!

For Dickens 3 extras, visit JKCinema.com

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I've played all the Dickens' games and its sad to see that they have most regressed over the time that they were made. Now art and functionality have improved, but story and direction were lost. It's so slow to do anything around the world, and all you're doing is searching for an answer on what to do as you have no idea what your goal actually is in this one.

The system for interaction was better, but had some flaws, like needing to walk to see something you were right next to. All this results in a slow and boring experience.

So this was notbad

This was a notbad of a game here the graogics are odd and strange the view screen could be much larger, the color of the characters could have more shading other then that this was pretty good and I had fun with this little cute game of yours so nice job here

make the view screen larger


This is my favorite in the series. Most people would say it's the best too. I just thought the designs were much better. You really have improved with them over the years. I don't know why he's yellow. I keep being reminded of the Simpsons.

The backgrounds are much better. It's a pity I'm not into point and click adventure games. Still, I can learn to appreciate all kinds of stuff. You were pretty talented. You could work with a wide variety of stuff.

Slightly better graphics...

and at least the interface is manageable now. Still not that keen on this series though, there has been nothing that has really grabbed me about it.


even 4 a game that allmost 6 years old it still kicks ass a great game if there would be a dickens4 that be cool

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3.12 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2002
1:53 PM EST