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Halloween Run

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really spazzy an funny

Fawx responds:


well the song fit the song

it was a good classic flash, just what i expected, but i thought he world cut himself nd become emo or sumthing like that.

Fawx responds:

The song fit the song? What?

Good job

That was great.But work on your drawing.Im pretty sure that you were drawing with a mouse.It was all great except the drawing.work on it.

P.S. If you purposely wanted to draw that way then I am sorry.

Fawx responds:

I draw with a tablet. And I wouldn't be so concerned about the drawings. More of the animation.


Good job person that i will not say KEEP IT UP

(its creepy i was listening to my mp3 player and it was on this song then i was watching this and i was thinking i was hearing double then i realized i was)

Fawx responds:

Thanks person that I will not say.

Very good.

I love it. I see you improving =)

Fawx responds:

Thanks Callum. Can't wait for you-know-what c;