Goku V.S. Vegeta Preview

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Well I decided to post this to see if anybody liked it. I'm considering scraping this project altogether for inside reasons.


No point to continue project

You see the thing is with sprite movies, it requires the animator to do minimal tasks that involve animation. It really makes us proper animators who actually draw the opposing chars which takes weeks or even months to complete. Series like mario bro Z is prehaps the most over-rated sprite movies entirely on newgrounds. Yet I do actually like the series, it really doesn't show the animators capabilities. Anyways back to your project, the fight itself was good and fast paced, but considering there was no story to start with. Is there any point to continue the story? obviously we know that goku and vegeta are going to continue beating themselves to a pulp! suggestion (end project)


You're God

Almost Perfect

This was simply grand.
The animation was perfect, so were the use of everything.
Too everyone who reviewed badly:
SMBZ fanboys.
Alvin did NOT make that stuff.
Its DBZ stuff, and this is a DBZ film so it makes perfect sense.
Make the full length production, just give credit *winks*
Oh yeah, and some form of box around the letters is good, just make them "eye appealing"

Were Is The Credits?

You didn't make these sprites! Give credit stealer!

Okay.. No

Don't submit previews to newgrounds, it's totally unnecessary unless it's something so epic I'd shit my pants like Power Star 5. Also, whats up with people taking Alvins Fx sprites? I saw maybe one sprite that hasn't been in Maple Ball Z the Fx is very overused and I just feel like vomiting on my screen. Also don't use Particle illusion. The shinyness and pretty effects may give an idiot a hard on but rarely can someone actually pull off using particle illusion well. I've only really seen Proxide with Sf vs Mk 3 pull off a good sprite video with particle illusion.

Overall the animation is pretty good and it'll prolly turn out to be an okay movie, the story line sucks and needs maybe a bit more story to make it a story. But it's fine I guess for a fight. Please don't submit previews, wasting newgrounders time.

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volkain5 responds:

I submitted the preview to see whether I should scrap the project altogether, or keep working on it as planned. I'm probably going to try my way to inject some story into there. I was kinda just summing up the fighting Goku and Vegeta had in the anime. Anyway, when you say "particle illusion" what do you mean? NVM, I googled it. If you are talking about the explosion, it was taken off of MUGEN.

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3.28 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2008
6:24 PM EDT