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Linux VS Windows short

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I made this in 2 hours, so it is a bit short, i could have made it longer but school work was getting in the way.
Don't complain that its too short. i already know it is

Song - over the rainbow
Artist - Me first and the gimme gimmes

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Great Music



Epic! ;D


You did a fairly decent job, ignoring that I'm for windows and now I wish to eat your heart. Just kiding, OR AM I?! But anyways, while it was extremely short it was well animated and had the perfect song to go with it. Keep on making flash, I'll be watching you.

"Pretty Good"

It was funny, but fairly short. Make it longer. The main reson why I don't vote 10 is because linux, as great as it is, won't be great until it can run .exe files or people actually start producing for it(including the big companys).

Eg) Spore - it's for windows, but it also runs on a MAC for gods sake.
The shounld make games for linux and windows, and wipe out mac.

There is my short rant.

kaelonlloyd1 responds:

I agree that linux needs .EXE support, or atleast a WINE update that will allow most games, but as long as Flash works on linux i'll be OK


dude this is awesome

if u made this longer(yes i noe u noe its short) then this could top the all time chart u have excellent flash skillz :D :P

p.s whos the artist in the song?

kaelonlloyd1 responds:

the artist is
Me First and the gimme gimmes