Tails' Nightmare

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Happy Halloween Everybody!

This project is a "gameplay demonstration" for my Cosmic Rush 2.0 game engine. Since it was coming close to Halloween I decided that if I'm going to release a demo of the new Cosmic Rush's gameplay, I might as well make it Halloween themed! So here you go, I hope you all like it!

There are still a few bugs in this game however. Some of my beta testers have found that it will sometimes "freeze" at random, forcing you to restart the game.

I tried to fix this, but for some reason I just can't find out what the problem is. It doesn't "always" freeze, but it might do that sometimes. If I happen to find out what is causing the freezing I'll fix it and update.

On a side note, if anybody finds any other glitches with the game, send me a PM and I'll see what I can do about it.

Thanks and enjoy!

- EDIT -

I may do some customizing to the game later on and include enemies and other cool stuff. When I do this I will update over this one. Suggestions are also helpful :)

The reason why I didn't originally add the enemies was simply because I didn't have enough time left before Halloween. Thanks. :)

- UPDATE 11/01/08 - I increased Tails' acceleration a little bit to make it feel faster.



this game is soo cool and the ending funny as hell LMAO

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first Click difficulty then hit practice. click Difficulty again click the left arrow until live is at 0. Click password Type in the word Doll. fight Tails doll whit only losing one ring each time hit Guide to beating Tails Doll: first dodge the Energy orbs. Then As he is coming down jump.then When the energy balls are around him attack. then on phase 2 jump and attack. Phase3 spin dash at him! then runn as fast as you can. he wil kill you. but you would have awakend. Tails screams and pants.then Tails doll will appear behind Tais. black screan. Roar. Tails: YOu again Go away allready1

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Strategy to the Doll (spoilers)

As soon as I saw this, I thought about the Tails Doll, and was not disappointed.

The doll is very hard, despite having clear patterns.

In phase 1, it throws 3 bladed orbs in random directions (this can be hard to avoid) before flying across the screen (jump on him while he does this). Then he inverts your controls before crossing the screen surrounded by blade orbs, simply jump over him (beware, when you press left you go right, and vice versa!) Repeat until phase 2.
In phase 2, he has an even shorter sequence. He makes the ground burst into spikes then flies across the screen, then flies across the screen again. Jump on him when the spikes are about to come out, avoiding them and hitting him, then jump over him, repeat until phase 3.
In phase 3, he has but one attack: teleporting around the screen with spikes surrounding him. You gotta time your jumps so you land on him when the spikes are gone. This can prove hard, for he remains vulnerable for only a short time before teleporting away. Be patient. Jump each time he teleports away, for he can appear right on you and hurt you. Not sure whether spin dashes hurt him, haven't tried yet. I hope this is helps everyone who wants to beat the Doll.

Pure awesome game! It's not everyday that you get a game involving battling the almighty Tails Doll.

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Allthough i like sonic this is hideous. The original version on the Sega i managed very well that time. BUT THIS?? What is the meanĂ­ng of it if its IMPOSSABLE to get to the end of the first LVL unless one sets it to Easymode and unlimited lives, let allone beating the final enemy on lvl 1.


this is hard

at the end were u have to fight tails evil doll is hard!

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Oct 30, 2008
5:22 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop
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