Reviews for "Tails' Nightmare"

The first time i played this i was a little confused at first but over time it was fairly easy until i got to the Tails doll, i was confused what this doll meant at first but when i looked it up, i literally freaked out. Loved this game :D

Man, I remember first playing this game a few years back on MoFunZone. Damn, those were good times. Great to see the game is just as good as I remembered. The graphics manage to stay unique, yet at the same time almost surprisingly good. I love the inclusion of the Tails Doll as the main enemy, I don't see very many games with him. The controls are almost spot-on, but manage to cause a little bit of confusion every once in a while. The difficulty is pretty much perfect. I just wish it could have been just a little bit longer.

good job notice u beat tails doll and later he sneaks up on u

Can you feel the sunshine >:)

does anyone think he used a hammer?