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Cyberen Gets Homesick

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Author Comments

Author's Note: It has been pointed out ot me that we are in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I'm going to need all you folks out there to pray for Cyberen extra hard. For those of you not in on the scoop, the real animator, Cyberen AKA Brock J. has breast cancer. He is a male. Yes, it is very possible, and very serious. This is nothing to joke about. He doesn't have "breasts". In fact, he's sent me several naughty pictures over the years, and he has quite a nice body. He's in lots of pain right now. Please go to his Newgrounds page (cyberen.newgrounds.com) and wish him well. He needs all the support he can get right now, especially from the internet - the one place where he has friends; friends like YOU!

Cyberen once enjoyed the life of a genie (for those of you who don't remember, Cyberen became a genie at the end of http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/466007), even taking secret pleasure in "accidentally" making Gilbert Gottfried choke on his own vomit (http://www.newgrounds.co m/portal/view/466282), but soon, much like someone who purchases a Nintendo Wii, the novelty soon wears off and he's left with nothing but an overwhelming feeling of emptiness and depression.

Cyberen acts like a tough-guy on the internet, but inside, he is torn apart, missing his Mommy Cyberen, Jhonen Vasquez, and all the rest of his friends back in Alamosa, Colorado. Trapped in the lamp until he finds a new master, Cyberen, beginning to get stir-crazy begins to hallucinate, reliving several special moments of this season's Cyberens. Remember when Cyberen was addicted to crack? When he was possessed by Sylvia Plath? When he met Coheed & Cambria? You'll get to see them again, even better than before, due to the psychotropic effects of Cyberen's psychotic break! I know "tribute" type episodes are generally considered "filler" in a series, but old fans will really appreciate all the memories revisited in this episode.

Love, Laucherella

PS: Sorry there's been no Cyberen Sillies in a few days!!! I've been very busy getting ready for halloween! I'm not the kinda gal that half-*butts* that sorta thing.

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What the??????????????????????

Makes no sense at all

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0.48 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2008
10:24 PM EDT