Suicidal Advert (Maybe)

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Well, I decided to to try make a flash and I failed. This is the end result of all the compiled crap
Since I never had any help the animation is pretty poor
No sound cause I don't know how to add it in
Really just experimenting with Flash to see what can do
Open to all reviews and I'll try reply to as many as a can
Any help would be useful too
Be gentle =)

Woah, got a higher score than what I thought I would have =P
Even though it's shit, lol


you need to pay attention to speed

the blood coming out of his head was a little slow, and i got board of watching him fall lol

good idea though...i guess lol

ill be nice and rate 7

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00Assclown responds:

But I dont know how to use flash all that well
Thanks for the generous 7 though :]
You gave me a boner

zomfg that was hal-laar-riiiii-ouuus

The animation was as fab as the fab aura

The ending was jokes, and captured orange perfectly
and the guy pissing was brilliant

Keep up the good work, make more!!!

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00Assclown responds:

I would make more but my Flash trial ran out, lol
Thanks for the 10, and 5 me thinks

Need improvements!

First of all you need a better name for your flash. "MyFirstFlash" is very boring so it's better if you give it a name that reflects the content. You could have named it "Farwell" for example even if that is perhaps a little boring as well, but I hope you understand my point :o)

Add sound next time and keep practise on your drawing skills.

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00Assclown responds:

Good point, Al do that now
And I'm trying but Flash says it can't read any of my WAV files
Know why?
Thanks anyways (:


LOL the guy pissed himself and saved you at the same time! Nice! Your animation was pretty good for the first time compared to a lot of the first time crap I see. Good effort. Keep it up!

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00Assclown responds:

Thanks xD

Not bad seen worse

ok a few pointers if you want to mkae a character falling off a building more believeable prehaps you should move the background rather then the character, this is really funny but what would it a special kick to it would be to add character voices or prehaps a good music track! otherwise not bad for your first attempt!
p.s. try to get out of stickman characters asap they have become sumwhat preditable as late.
all the best for the future as long as orange doesnt get invovled!

00Assclown responds:

Thanks for the advice, dude
It's so hard trying to draw real characters though =[
And I'm trying to find out how to add SFX
Anywhoo...Thanks again (:

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3.65 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2008
4:43 AM EDT