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And The GameCube Blew

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All right, another something I cooked up, primarily to show you why I have not done fbf so far. Yes, this cartoon has a lot of fbf, but not anything spectacular.
So this is why I'm going to wait until I have a graphics tablet before I do any fbf again.
To all of you who will criticize the artwork - the impact of this is in the story presented, not the animation and artwork.
I certainly can't expect you to vote 5 for this, but I'd appreciate it if you'd recommend it for a collection.

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its good

its nice its decent, plus im a fan of wolfs and hounds, so therefore 5.5

Potential - Writing,,, No.

I'll admit I thought I was in for a small treat when I decided to watch this flash movie, however I was let down a bit. The artwork was very nice, it reminded me of Another Day. The sound was also nice as well... the only thing I didn't like was the story. From the title I expected the Nintendo Gamecube to blow up, it did, but you didn't make it as entertaining as I was hoping for... in a nutshell, the story wasn't that good. Even if this story is based off of true events you could've spiced it up a bit. One thing I would like to mention is this Wolf character. I would like you to have him reappear later on, I have ideas for him if you would like them. All in all good artwork, animation, and sound, but the story not so much.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Great Animation
*Superb Sound

|| Bad Points ||
*Boring Story

LordHayden responds:

All right, I'll admit that it wasn't all that great.
As for the Wolf guy, he is a mouse-drawn, fbf, prototype of me. I certainly would like some ideas though, I'll appreciate you sharing them.
I'm not disappointed that you thought the story was not so great, it's not one of my best Flashes.

nice 1

i like thiz video

LordHayden responds:

Thanks a lot. Did you like the bad fbf?

Keep Going

Not bad. Not bad at all. Keep it up (your doing better than I ever could...). Try adding more sounds, or background music, to make it more interesting. =D

LordHayden responds:

You're right. I could have had more sounds, ut as I was rushing to complete this, I left most of them out. Perhaps I'll go back and re-do this, edit it.