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Sparta- the parody

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Hello all, this is my first project ever. A friend of mine prodded me in the direction of flash so I decided to try out. I've been working in all kinds of art genres and the time has come to try out flash. I'ts quite time consuming... this movie took about 3 days to complete. Yet still I'm satisfied even if its not the best one out there. Initially I didn't have any ideas what to make the movie about and then it came like a flash to make it as a parody of 300 which is a movie I quite admire on the other hand and recommend to watch. Te reason for such a choice was the famous "THIS IS SPARTAAAA" scene. I wanted to have that in my movie... so I had to include the rest of it. I hope the sound doesn't suck too much because I did all of it apart from the chicken and crickets which I downloaded from the vast pile of junk called google... Besides my mic fails epicly... so take it as it is.
As for the rest of it.. enjoy and feel free to leave comments

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This was silly but i found it somewhat entertaining, i did like the use of all the color and such, you may want to add some more detail like with the characters and maybe smoothout there design abit, nice job though.

Entertaining but can be improved



Why did you Gived chuck norris a thanks?

Bad, bad, bad.

Didn't get the idea, and accomplishment is bad.

Voices were bad too.



well yeah it needs a lot of improvement but for been your first work don't take to serious the reviews cause everyone may insult you for this bad animation...........
work a little the audio it really get hard to understand what there are saying....
keep working!......

Good but can be better !

It was good and quite funny , But you could have improved on the animation and maybe some better sound effects but anyway it was good : ) , keep up the good work !